Artist: Jets To Brazil
Track: Starry Configurations
Album: Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Plays: 799

Jets To Brazil || Starry Configurations

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Artist: The Fall Of Troy
Track: A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama.
Album: Manipulator
Plays: 1747

The Fall Of Troy || A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama.

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Artist: Matsuri
Track: Love What You Hold (Part IV)
Album: Endship
Plays: 79

Matsuri || Love What You Hold (Part IV)

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Artist: Beau Navire
Track: Ceilings Revealing Cities
Album: Life Moves
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Beau Navire || Ceilings Revealing Cities

You have come at the perfect time. As the ceiling begins to crumble, I grab your hand. Take off your shoes, we can sit and watch the tiny birds as their metal wings cut the sky. This is our chance to fly….(I Promised)

Artist: Adobe Homes
Track: Roto Ristra Es Mi Vida.
Album: Ristra
Plays: 89

Adobe Homes || Roto Ristra 

The sound of children playing seeps through my window and wakes me from dreaming. A pause for nostalgia and thought of simpler days well the wind picks up. Outside my windows there hangs a broken rista. Looking towards the ground where the seeds rest and I wish I could lay there too, Start the twenty hour shift that is my day because I don’t sleep well anymore. to be a broken rista. This is all I know, now I know no more.

Artist: Whirr
Track: Between Asleep And Awake
Album: Whirr/Anne
Plays: 1563

Whirr || Between Asleep And Awake

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Artist: Fear Before the March of Flames
Track: Consequences David, You'll Meet Your Fate in the Styx
Album: Art Damage
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Fear Before || Consequences David, You’ll Meet Your Fate In The Styx

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Artist: Half String
Track: Oval
Album: Maps for sleep
Plays: 39

Half String || Oval

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Artist: Cease Upon The Capitol
Track: Untited (Track 10)
Album: Cease Upon The Capitol
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Cease Upon The Capitol || Untitled 10

Artist: The Fall of Troy
Track: Ghostship Part 4
Album: Ghostship Demos
Plays: 699


The Fall Of Troy // Ghostship Part IV

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Artist: мища
Track: I Came Here To Murder You
Album: Discographie So Far
Plays: 9

мища || I Came Here To Murder You

Artist: Maggat
Track: Your Plan Is Too Obsessive
Album: 'A Pacific Puzzle' 12''
Plays: 139

Maggat || Your Plan Is Too Obsessive

Artist: Jeromes Dream
Track: No Matter What You're Always There
Album: Completed 1997-2001
Plays: 199

Jeromes dream || No Matter What You’re Always There

Artist: Skin Like Iron
Track: Consequence
Album: Arrival

Skin Like Iron || Consequence