make hentai noises 2 me


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yeah i miss metro station wanna fight about it


Artist: Flying Lotus
Track: Wake me
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flying lotus // wake me.

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if u ever feel bad about urself just remember that i am willingly in a relationship w a man who has not 1 but 2 jeromes dream tattoos

i just woke up to see this. i cant believe it. my tattoos are rad 8^)

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Sammie always wants me to spectate her games but you know I’m trying to grind this shadow priest ya feel me?

Artist: Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Track: My Darkest Hour
Album: The City Sleeps In Flames
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Artist: Usurp Synapse
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Artist: Calculator
Track: breathing in
Album: These Roots Grow Deep
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How do I say goodbye?

With waving hands, and swollen eyes
or open arms, or open mind

With my waving hands, or my swollen eyes 
or my open arms, or my open mind

I’m so scared 
I forgot to breathe

I don’t want the summer to end 
these seasons change too fast

I don’t want to die today 
I don’t want to die, alone.

sammie is a babe

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